November 1, 2009

rainy days




Up to another 

One of those foggy

Day mornings. - It's been 

Raining, but I'm not complaining,

I don't mind. - Condensation covers my 

Windows - as we get in the car, you and I,and

we drive. - We miss our exist but thats just fine.

Into the grey horizon with bright headlights. Impeding

Realities slip into dreams -- I notice you still have your  

Slippers on, I giggle though cause im wearing no shoes

At all. and this is right where I wanna be. with your brown 

Eyes matching my coffee. Content to just drink it up. I love

The fingers holding my hand. And my mind drifts away to

Quiet reverie. -- This of course was not our plan for the 

Day, but somehow it results in an empty gas tank. 

As the clouds again begin to spill, and raindrops

Dance back and forth on the window. I woke

up to foggy skies, but just the same

--I think I like their kind--

So being the first of the month and all, I feel slightly compelled to indulge in ambition, and set my self some goals. So 

Goals for November: 

1. Save some money - for real though 

2. Meet all my deadlines for T.State related things, and get everything organized so that way I will not be thrust into chotic confusion like I was at the start of this semster. 

3. Improve on my seamlessly grace deficiency - I do believe I have publicly found my self on the floor more times this past month than I care to count - I really do need to work on not being so clumsy - to include hurting my self at work, and drooping things. 

4. Make more time for art. 

5. Reduce my time/money spent in municipal court 

Experiment: I keep discovering more ppl who read my blog - and it makes me happy - leave comments if u do - even if its just to tell me you do - because im curious - and if you have your own - leave a link - im an entrepreneur of thoughts 

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