November 7, 2009


I think I have a minor obsession, with people. Not all of them. Or really anyone in particular. Well maybe some. I am obsessed with the complex mind. I have become more and more drawn to people who can give me interesting thoughts, and innovation,  and I love it. Wait does this mean I am growing up? Or am I just a dork who over think things? 

I mean, its kinda cliche but I have been told on countless occasions that I tend to over-think things, that I tend to over-think life. That I just think to much, analyze to much, worry to much, try to hard to figure everything out. And by some degree I am sure this to be true. But what an ambiguous assumption. Can life be over-thought? And at what point is over-thinking measured? In any case, this is where my obsession falls into play. I HATE it when you try to have a conversation with someone, a deep conversation, or a serious conversation and they completely disappoint you by their degrees of apathy. But in opposition, I love it when I find someone who doesn't give me that tilt-of-the-head, trying to hid confusion or laughter look, but someone who listens to what your saying, and responds and completely surprises you with their words. And sometimes just listening to, even if they have no advice to offer, but the listen, with out the ?-look that really just means shut up. Oh and I love it when I fall into those people unintentionally, like when I make a comment and am greeted by some words I was never expecting. 

I think these people are important. And beautiful. I have a little list of them in my head, and they are always the first ones to thought when I have something on the back burner in my head or something I just have to let out. 

Really random topic- i no. 

-stay beautiful 


Anonymous said...

Cliche is an understatement.

What you go through is a product of interacting within your life.

If you're finding yourself over-thinking about things, take a break and get your mind off of it.

Personally I go to the gym and exercise or play basketball. It's a stress reliever and tames my mind helping me see the bigger picture of what I was over-thinking just before I took a break from it.

Hope this is the kind of comment you're looking for when you ask for comments.


Anonymous said...

This is not a random topic, it's perfect.

Yes maybe you over analyze things that should be left simple.. but who's to say what it is to over analyze and who's to say what is simple?

I understand your obsession with "people"; through watching and trying to make sense of other people is how you begin to understand yourself.
Lately I have found myself trying to, in a way, group certain kinds of people in accordance to a somewhat general outlook on personalities. For example, you brought up 2 types: those you hate and those you love when it comes to conversation. You find you enjoy those who can hold a conversation or be serious about something that obviously interests you, and as for those who can't, well... yeah.
These types could actually fall into the two broad "types" of people that I have been thinking about lately. I believe there are those who live their life through desire, memory, and passion, and I believe there are those who just simply don't. There are those who take pleasure in challenges; those who seek knowledge, and there are those who just simply don't.
I have been wondering if I can truly tell them apart. As for now, I believe I can, but only through what I know to be true in my mind:
There are just "those people" that show a true understanding of the simple yet complex "authenticities" in life; these are the people whom I desire to seek knowledge from to kindle my passions in life.

p.s. looking forward to our art adventures..