November 22, 2009


We move in slow motion, 

as I watch your hand grace 

across my leg to reach for mine. 

The walls fall down, 

we embrace every movement,

every sensation as we ignore 

the impeding certainty of time. 

Trembling your lips sway, 

just barely brushing the skin of my neck.

And every tension unbearable of decadence 

is produced with restraint, 

while each touch lingers. 

But eyes reveal intentions, 

and such implications are defenseless.

The smell of night fills the air, 

radiates this limitless yearning.  

Your eye lashes quiver stolid to the 

rhythms of music like a piano.  

Every breath is seen in some solitude of sound. 

Powerless, we embrace the nature 

stealing our will with impetuous notions. 

Falling prey to gravity, our emotions give rise. 

And hearts increase in beat, as lips collide. 

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