November 23, 2009


This atmosphere consumes 

like seas of insecurities 

Salty waves crash 

on my shoulders, encompassing 

my body and dragging me under 

With every feeling and leaving me 

to grasp for breath 

Amidst the pain of currents and swells 

Till I’m past the tide 

and simply floating

Left with nothing 

but hallow remnants

I look to the sky 

as the night glides over 

The fleeting sun with its 

blankets of darkness 

Dots in a canvas

of vast existence 

I search to fathom 

soul saving reasons 

but among hesitations of 

constellations stands empty space 

And I am helpless 

to even see the moon

Struggling with its absence 

Till a blinding beacon 

cast and I am forced to close my eyes 

I wake to the sound of 

A thousand voices 

and lying on the surface 

Of a ship moving 

through absolute perils 

of swaying waters 

Calmly riding, with surrender, 

the path of the sailors 

Merciless to concern my mind 

with any thoughts of 

destination Then immanently 

we reach some land 

and I am forced to interaction 

Digging my feet into 

the sand I enter into 

a new state of mind 

Boundless products of 

drawn out time engaging 

contradictions of self 

Acceptance I can see 

a beautiful sight 

As I walk with balance 

through the beach 

Liberation of previous 

confusion endorses 

a surface of possibilities 

Where I stand infinite.

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