October 29, 2009


avant-garde |ˈavänt ˈgärd; ˌavä n |noun (usu. the avant-garde)new and unusual or experimental ideas, esp. in the arts, or the people introducing them works by artists 
I think the oddities of the world are a big part of what makes it all so beautiful. I love the mirth of life's nebulous haze, and the way it inspires and defies rigid classifications so conventionally accepted. But at the same time i am learning to seek out the anarchism in day to day occurrences as well. Open eyes is the very essence of beauty, and even then looking isn't always seeing. 

October 28, 2009

Dramaturgy Decadence

Dear, dear please find your composure, your a mess 

And you are spilling time all over the floor. 

Find a mirror, fix your hair, and your make up,

Then put the mask you hate to wear back on.

Superficially sickened, your screaming for attention

But envy when your empty tends to always come out poor. 

Full of vain, full of malice, ever lost, ever hopeless 

Get on the stage, curtains set to depart soon.

You've got moments to find confidence; this is serious, 

The theater audience is taking their places; 

As the boy in the vest and top hat is speaking your name

into a microphone. Hurry quick, its your introduction, 

the watch is ticking fast; imminent inertia, no time to stall.

Change out of the black, put your red dress back on 

Decadence is simple when you've loss feelings of feeling 

remotely unique at all. But time to go, talk is cheap, 

And your pockets have nothing. Opposing conviction, 

High heals full of poise as you slip them on,

The lights go dim, and smoke fills the floor, 

You see the piano man begin playing your tune. 

Nostalgic..fake a smile..hold your breath..count to three 

And dance your way across the floor, your own little tragedy. 

October 21, 2009

considerations for entanglement

I'm considering that people are who they are for a lot of reasons, and at best, it is interesting to try to understand them. In some moments you find your self humbled by their inner most thoughts, and secrets, and that is an aspect of them, but it is not "them", not all of them. Other times, you see their surface appearance, the person they justify them self as. When they meet someone new, or are trying to maintain some composure of who they wish to appear to be. Which is much the same as the person they sometimes pretend to be. I'm considering more and more though that who people are is un-understandable and that no amount of words would serve to describe a person, because they would all be brutally inaccurate, at least to some degree. No one shares the same experiences and that is what makes our fears, our joys. And I'm considering that against all opposition the real reason we try to figure out people, is because we are really just all trying to figure our self out. 

-stay beautiful 


i'm growing out of this darkness that seems, to be becoming of me

Like a volcano, just waiting to erupt; i'm full of this anger 

And i can't say it's fair to all those, who try helping me up when i fall down 

Which happens to be more and more these days

Then i drift away, away to where the world spins slowly

But every single time i find, i'm running in place

because there's no escape from pain and all the earthquakes

So i try living for the moments, and embracing the simple transitions, of everyday 

Until my moment is frozen and i'm caught up in the poring rain 

Someone get me out of this rain 

Won't you get me out of this storm filled cloud, it keeps bringing me down 

Oh, I'm falling down 


I suppose there's got to be a balance. 

So now, i think i'll try, to learn to walk on water 

Because my wings are worn and im starting to forget how to swim 

i'll let you know when i find the balance, when i figure it out

October 14, 2009


I suppose this will be the very first entry of this new blog. 

Basically I have been writing a lot lately, I have a lot of random thoughts that I file in note books or random fragments of paper, napkins, or receipts. So I thought I would give this a try - and I have been wanting to put my photography on a web site for a while.