October 21, 2009


i'm growing out of this darkness that seems, to be becoming of me

Like a volcano, just waiting to erupt; i'm full of this anger 

And i can't say it's fair to all those, who try helping me up when i fall down 

Which happens to be more and more these days

Then i drift away, away to where the world spins slowly

But every single time i find, i'm running in place

because there's no escape from pain and all the earthquakes

So i try living for the moments, and embracing the simple transitions, of everyday 

Until my moment is frozen and i'm caught up in the poring rain 

Someone get me out of this rain 

Won't you get me out of this storm filled cloud, it keeps bringing me down 

Oh, I'm falling down 


I suppose there's got to be a balance. 

So now, i think i'll try, to learn to walk on water 

Because my wings are worn and im starting to forget how to swim 

i'll let you know when i find the balance, when i figure it out

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