October 28, 2009

Dramaturgy Decadence

Dear, dear please find your composure, your a mess 

And you are spilling time all over the floor. 

Find a mirror, fix your hair, and your make up,

Then put the mask you hate to wear back on.

Superficially sickened, your screaming for attention

But envy when your empty tends to always come out poor. 

Full of vain, full of malice, ever lost, ever hopeless 

Get on the stage, curtains set to depart soon.

You've got moments to find confidence; this is serious, 

The theater audience is taking their places; 

As the boy in the vest and top hat is speaking your name

into a microphone. Hurry quick, its your introduction, 

the watch is ticking fast; imminent inertia, no time to stall.

Change out of the black, put your red dress back on 

Decadence is simple when you've loss feelings of feeling 

remotely unique at all. But time to go, talk is cheap, 

And your pockets have nothing. Opposing conviction, 

High heals full of poise as you slip them on,

The lights go dim, and smoke fills the floor, 

You see the piano man begin playing your tune. 

Nostalgic..fake a smile..hold your breath..count to three 

And dance your way across the floor, your own little tragedy. 

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